How do small business websites grow?

Various companies specialise in creating small business websites. We love small to medium size websites, they are so manageable and this means the code can be squeeky clean, lightweight and load times are fast as a result. We assist our clients with content creation and search engine optimisation if required. All of this helps to achieve bigger and grow from small to medium to large to corporate.

So how do small business websites grow?

With bold (but not rash) decision making, innovative thought processes and an outstanding website. Various studies and analyses show that:

  • 53% of small businesses have a website and this has seen a growth of 8% since the year 2009.
  • 67% of businesses use websites to market to customers.
  • 30% of small businesses with a web presence generate more than 25% of their revenue online.
  • More than any other online resource, 40% of small businesses are looking at investing in their website.

Enough said about the importance of website traffic? Then let us move to the 5 reasons why website traffic is critical to small business owners.

Quality and quantity – there is a huge difference

Every website is vulnerable to bots and other nasties. These creatures come in different avatars – RSS bots, fake search engine bots, Spy bots, scrapers and spammers and so on. according to 2015 stats, bots can make up anywhere between 63% and 80% of your website traffic and for a small business owner, this percentage is on the high side – 80.3%. It is therefore essential for you to qualify your traffic. Qualifying traffic can be done by using opt-in forms, having dedicated landing pages and having a great text content strategy to name a few ways.

Using multiple channels

You have to look at generating traffic, but not just any traffic you need our help in creating quality traffic and then finally converting this traffic into paying customers. Small business websites should also look at their relationship with return on investment in mind. Using multiple channels to do your marketing is also a great idea since you can integrate your online presence and marketing strategy into a cohesive whole. Tools such as the following can help:

  • Google Analytics which we can set up for you.
  • Acquisition channels which will show organic traffic, referral traffic and so on.
  • Indexed Pages which can be seen via Google Webmaster Tools as well.

Conversion is everything

You have to start with the fact that you have to attract large numbers of visitors to your website. Obviously, this will be the start point for conversion. For this, think of the sales funnel which will necessitate you reaching people across various channels. Use platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and even Facebook to create consistent content that gets noticed. Links to your website have to be embedded in all your content. People will then flock to your website and from this large number, you can start your funneling process which will be more relevant to your needs.

Social media presence

This is not just advertisements. Your small business websites need to have social media presence which will allow you to build meaningful and relevant relationships with customers. Conversations with people, even if they are not enamored with your business can be made engaging. This will give people a chance to see how you operate and how credible your business is.

Good local SEO

We are located in Forster Tuncurry NSW but our skills are on a national level. And we can create a search campaign that targets any range of geographic zones. So if your located in Coffs Harbour for example we can get you found in the search engines by people in the local area. Or we can target the tougher places like metro zones and cities.

Find out about your traffic

We can help you to attract traffic from organic search results, great SEO activities, paid traffic, social media presence and referral marketing as well. It would be a good idea for you to let us find out which source accounts for the maximum numbers so you can invest time and attention on that area.