9 Small Business Ideas You Can Do Tomorrow

Okay so some of these small business ideas are pretty boilerplate but some I am yet to actually see anyone in my area doing. And I would pay for these services if someone was offering them!

You might be a teenager trying to earn some much needed dollerydoos for your first car or just someone who needs to earn more money without renting a 300sqm warehouse and founding a manufacturing company.  Some of these ideas might appeal to stay at home moms & dads or even people that aren’t interested in the 9-5 lifestyle.

NOTE: If you have the idea but just need some tools to execute skip to the resources section of this article.

Without further dribble, here are my 10 small business ideas

Meal planner, help people plan their meals every week.

When the entire planet is talking about good nutrition and medical professionals are saying you can live longer if you eat properly, I can’t imagine why people wouldn’t take you up on this service. Provide people with 7 day meal plans, you could offer it as a subscription and simply email peoples meal plans out every Sunday night. Get and retain 10-15 customers and you’ve got a good little earner that won’t take up too much of your time.  I know I would pay for this service as we never know what to eat and usually end up going for the nearest fast food. Use a service like XERO to send recurring invoices.

Small business ideasPet sitter or animal daycare.

There isn’t many lengths that pet owners won’t go to ensure their animals are looked after. I work 11 and 12 hour days while our poor retriever George sits at home twiddling his thumbs (if he had thumbs that is) I would love a service where I could drop him off and pick him up, specially if you ran a home daycare for animals and had a couple of them at a time it would be an absolute blast for the animals and all you had to do was sit home and throw a ball, maybe even take them for a walk to the park etc. If you really want to get specific you could try a puppy daycare which could include obedience training and house training.

If you don’t have the yard for it perhaps a dog walking service might be more appropriate?

Lawn care and gardening.

This has been done and done again and then done a bit more, but its worth mentioning here purely because all you need to start is a lawnmower, two feet and a heartbeat. Start local, and when I say local you could drop flyers in your neighbors mailboxes. Walk out your front gate and mow your entire street one day a week and take home a few hundred bucks for a days work. Then when it gets bigger maybe make a small web page with your contact information and even get it ranking in Google’s local results.

Professional organiser.

My office is a disaster zone 51 weeks a year (I clean it at Christmas when the family visit) I would definitely hire someone to come round, rip my draws apart and sort everything into a manageable system. This service wouldn’t require you to be a brain surgeon, you wouldn’t have to hire a store front and you’re not limited to just offices. In fact you could sort peoples closets, kitchens, garage or storage units. Use outlook to schedule a 6 month follow up email seeing if they need you to come back and save there sanity again!

Cracked mobile phone screen replacement.

Okay this one does require you to be a bit of a wizard with the gadgets. A phone tool kit and an afternoon on YouTube and you would be ready to crack into the market (get it? crack?) never mind. You would easily find 10 people in 10 minutes who have cracked screens, your advertising vehicle could be a Facebook page and invite your friends to like and share, down the track you could try some other advertising methods including flyers and even a small website.

Holiday decorator.

Going on holidays is the bomb, you know what is better than going on holidays though? going on holidays and coming back to find your home re-decorated! Why not offer this as a service in your local area? This would thrive in areas that have a high population of retirees are perfect as they usually have money and they travel a lot. Another good business for promoting via Facebook, local SEO and even pin up some business cards on a local noticeboard or if you have friends with businesses or even a coffee shop you frequent, see if they will let you put some business cards or flyers on there counter.

Car detailingDoor to door car detailing, go to peoples work or home.

As far as small business ideas go this isn’t anything new but hear me out: I need to go to work and my car is a rubbish tip. Dropping the car off isn’t a great solution because how am I going to get to work. A big car cleaning company might have a loan car but this isn’t always ideal and the convenience of someone turning up and washing my car while I’m at work would be incredible. To start off all you need is some car washing supplies and a bit of elbow grease, go door to door handing out your info, start in your local industrial district and work out from there. Again, this is another awesome example of a business that would do well with local SEO and local Facebook promotion.

Food delivery service, hungover, too busy, just lazy.

There is a really successful one of these down in Sydney. You wake up after a big night of partying and call them up to fetch you whatever food you want. They will actually go to KFC and buy whatever you request and bring it to your house for a fee. This is a great example of a business where all your selling is your own time, your selling convenience. You don’t need to invent anything all you need is a car and enough money to buy whatever your client is requesting. And you can charge a premium for the service, be prepared your Saturday mornings and Sunday mornings are probably going to be filled up doing this but for some extra money who’s complaining?

Freelance personal trainer

Gyms are intimidating. You walk in and you feel the burning sensation of a hundred eyeballs watching you try to operate the treadmill while the elite mums are setting up for their “boxercise” class. This correlates with my meal planner idea that health and wellness is a massive industry, if you are a personal trainer or a fitness professional why not offer a freelance service where you take people to the park and put them through their paces. You do need some gear like kettlebells, maybe skipping rope, weight vest and a couple of yoga mats would help but your probably only looking at 150-200 dollars to get started. Spread the word by mouth or on social media channels.

Tools & resources summary

  • Home accounting software from $25 a month: XERO 30 day free trial
  • Get a professional logo designed for as low as 10 dollars at Fiverr
  • Setup your Google my business page Here
  • You can get a phone number for $10 with 1 year credit expiry period. Check out Amaysim
  • We’re offering $59 Facebook page setup, just ask us about it
  • If your savvy enough you can make your own website by signing up with Siteground

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