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Project Details

December 15, 2015

Project Description

This young team of video editors needed a professional brand that would help them attract big clients to their video design company. Today it forms the basis of all their branding.




They wanted a new logo that had as much colour as possible while still appealing to corporate clients. Yeah, not easy! but we managed to deliver something that they were truly blown away by and that became the focus of their entire brand.

It isn’t too often that companies send you a letter anymore. Everything is email this, fax that.

The guys at Prism however love to write handwritten messages to their clients and its one of many popular quirks that help to set them apart from their competition.

Of course you can’t scribble messages onto a napkin from the local pub. So we designed them some ultra sleek letterheads that could be used for invoicing, contracts and other important stuff.

Top those off with some nifty envelopes that stand out on the CEO’s desk and you can’t be missed.


What did they say?

“Hey Chris, thanks a lot for designing the new logo and being so patient with us through the whole process! We are about to get one of the cars sign written with that Prism graphic you guys made up for us so stay tuned for that!


That is the kind of service we endeavor to provide. We really hope that you will be one of our many happy customers.

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