Professional Social Media Wranglers

With the entire world being glued to their phones, tablets and computers on various
social channels and social media addiction an actual thing (we know, crazy right?)
You really can’t afford to not take advantage of these platforms to boost your brand.

For this reason we offer complete management, coaching, or even one off
consultations to throw you some fresh ideas to get you a bigger following without
breaking the bank.

Extend your reach

Using social media paid and organic platforms we can extend your brand to highly targeted audiences.

Build & retain a following

We can help you create quality, shareable content which will keep your followers engaged and interested.

Highly competitive pricing

Our services start at only $99 per week *additional cost may be needed for paid media channels (charged at cost)

Social media momentum and brand building from $99/Week

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Grow your brand online

Using a mix of paid and holistic methods we can help you grow your following online. These are real people who will actually convert to clients, buy your product or engage in your offers.

No fake followers from us

There are services that will sell you likes, they will sell you followers by the thousand, these are called grey accounts or sock puppets. They provide no value to your business and in some cases they can even be detrimental to your marketing efforts.

Businesses that benefit the most

Any kind of retail product can succeed. Facebook in particular is very effective at promoting a product to the end user. Business to business products and services can also benefit greatly from exposure on social channels but only when done correctly where we test and evaluate different audience targeting options to ensure you are being seen by the right people.

Our core social platforms


You bring the camera and we’ll bring the social momentum, we’ve got some realtricks up our sleeve to get your content seen such as ranking your video in themajor search engines, peddling via social media and submitting to popularvideo websites that can help propel your brand.


Grow and then steer your followers into engaging with your product. There isaggressive options where you can use Twitter to run sales and special offers, or amore soft sell approach to gain trust and brand recognition. We have even trainedcompanies to use Twitter as a support and communication channel.


Good old facey, still the worlds #1 social media platform. We have clients thathave literally built entire businesses using only Facebook. Over a decade laterpeople are still glued to this global social network and we can put your brand oroffering right in front of them.


This social offering from the search engine giant can facilitate conversations and interaction on a different level to that of Twitter and Facebook, there is alsowhispers that having a good G+ following can boost search engine positions foryour website.

Our social media automation setup

Depending on your different goals and whether you have existing website and social media assets in play you might be a fit for our social media automation plan.
Where we can modify your website and online properties to automatically sync up to your social media platforms.

Social media automation is brilliant for:

People to do their own blogging and need to save time posting their content to social media
Businesses that load their own products to shopping carts and e-commerce sites
Businesses that have regular new content loaded to their site that needs to be promoted with minimal effort

Our guarantee

We do not set and forget. A lot of companies will do an inital setup of your campaigns and then let them run on their own, all the while charging you a monthly fee
for doing nothing. We don’t do this, you will see genuine hard work being put into your campaign on a regular basis. That is our guarantee.

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Tell us a little bit about your business and we’ll send you a free proposal outlining possible potential and
work recommended along with a firm written quote for your consideration.