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Extremely well executed paid search campaigns can supercharge your business within hours of being turned live.
We are seeing a major shift in the way people look for products and services online. No longer are sponsored search results
viewed as spammy and non-relevant. And this is why your business needs to be in those top results.

Paid search, Google Adwords & Bing Ads specialists

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We can cut your advertising costs

We have spent years (and thousands) learning the correct way to structure paid search
campaigns for our clients. We write and design highly targeted ads that point to your
sites most relavent landing landing pages to ensure you get maximum return for your
spend. There is over 50 factors Google and Bing use to rank your ad in the sponsored
results and having a high quality, well structured search campaign can save you hun-
dreds of dollars per day depending on your budget.

Paid search vs organic SEO

This is what most people wonder when they choose where to focus their advertising
spend. Its a tough one so here is some clarification:

If you have time and and want to conrete your site in place for the long term you can
engage in an organic SEO plan, and wait for your website to rank organically in the top
results of Google or Bing.

Or you can get more leads tomorrow by turning on instant advertising placements in
the top of the search results. These ads stay above all other results as long as your
prepared to pay per visitor. Without a properly optimised and very well put together
campaign you can pay a fortune and not get any result.

Types of paid search advertising we manage

The mother of all search engines

With operating systems, hardware and software and the
worlds most popularsearch engine, Google is the main search engine you can’t afford not to beshowing in.

A critical piece in your advertising puzzle

With every Microsoft and Windows powered device using Bing by default, youreally should not be overlooking Bing as a potential source of traffic. Not only isBing very relevant it is very cost effective.

Very effective when done correctly

The brutal truth is that Facebook paid advertising is not easy to get right. MostFacebook users are scrolling through their phone on autopilot, looking forscreaming goat videos, they are not shopping for what you sell.

However! There is a massive, untapped market available if targeted correctly,and we have the knowledge to get you in front of the right audience.

Landing page optimisation

All the search engine wizardry in the world won’t get you results without a goodquality landing page. We offer a 100% free evaluation and recommendation reportfor your website and landing pages.

We do this because we want you to get the absolute maximum you can from youradvertising campaigns, both paid and organic.

Get a free adwords audit and proposal today

We can drastically cut down the cost required to get you in those top results. We can get your cost per enquiry down, your cost per click, your cost per impressions or however you prefer to measure your ROI. Let us help you, we do it for dozens of other companies and they are thrilled with the results time and time again.

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