10 Steps to good website marketing

Your website is live, awesome. But now what? it needs traffic and promotion and your a bit lost as to what can be done. Read our guide before diving in head first and booking that radio commercial or getting your shop sign written with your website address. We have ten nifty tips to get you found.

Our websites bring together many elements including:

  • Web design trends.
  • Responsive web design.
  • Creating video content.
  • User interface and so on.

Ten steps to a good website marketing plan

We then need to turn attention to generating traffic to the website. Here are ten methods we keep in mind. These are things you can do yourself right now to get the traffic moving to your site, or you can talk to us today about setting these things up for you.

Email campaigns

Among the many inbound marketing strategies, email marketing is one of the most effective options. You need a good email management system which allows you to collect and segment email ids and pinpoint the interests of the people or demographic divisions too. Email campaigns can attract customers to your website if you make them interesting and not spammy!

PPC advertising

Pay per click advertising can lead to higher conversion rates too. It would be good to get some professional advice on how to go about positioning your advertisements in search results so that you get people to click through and land on your website. Since this involves paying per click, you will need to think of budgets as well.

Press releases and public relations

Your PR strategy should include press releases as well. Make your PR material extremely interesting and use it for:

  • Announcing new products.
  • Introduction of a new service.
  • Giveaways and discounts.
  • Inclusion of a new brand on your shelves and so on.

Video content

The online world is a visual world. You should think of having a presence on video channels such as YouTube. You could also include videos on your website itself. When visitors are greeted by animation or a video content, they are more likely to stay and turn into loyal customers as well.

Traditional marketing

Yes the world is going digital but do not underestimate the power of including your website and URL in:

  • All your branding collateral.
  • Your business card.
  • Signage of every kind.


Networking is everything and for your website, it has to be about creating social media presence and more importantly, engaging with people out there. You should also have an integrated management system so your message and brand image across all platforms is the same.

Search engine optimisation

Keeping up with the latest Google updates will give you a competitive edge when it comes to SEO or search engine optimization. Keyword research and creating original and high quality content is part of your SEO strategy. Using links and title tags is also a great idea and can help increase the relevance of your website to people searching.

Your content

The quality of your website is directly linked to your content. You should create and use content which establishes your presence as an industry leader. This means credible content which has been checked (and rechecked) for factual correctness is essential, ensure your grammar and spelling is all on point and not stuffed with repeated stop words like and, or if, etc.

Your online credibility

The online world is immediate and unapologetic about its feedback and comments. So managing your reputation online is critical. Regular monitoring of what people are saying about your brand and business is one of the best ways in which you can slowly but surely create a sterling reputation for yourself get out there and look for yourself on directory sites like TrueLocal and Local Directories to ensure your not being splashed with bad feedback.

Paid advertising

Social media sites offer paid advertising opportunities which you can avail rather easily. They use cookies to monitor user behavior, you can easily target your communication and advertisements to make them interesting and relevant to the online world. If this is an area of interest then you can also try some sponsored search listings however these prove to be expensive if not managed by a company or individual that knows the guidelines inside and out.

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